All Traditional Silat Clubs are welcome to Join!


If you are a dedicated Pencak Silat Martial Arts School in Canada, we invite you and welcome you to join us. We will post more details in the near future on how to join the federation and become a member to help us promote this wonderful sport and art in North America. 



The Federation aims at organizing annual and quarterly tournaments in different parts of Canada to showcase the various styles of Pencak Silat.

International Competition


As a member of PERSILAT (the International Federation) the  Canada federation will be able to send competitors to represent our country in different tournaments and competitions.

Current Members of the Federation. New Members are Welcome !

Koentjoro Martial Arts


Koentjoro Martial Arts is hybrid martial  arts which derived from Shorinji Kempo, Traditional Karate, Kyokushin, Taekwondo and Pencak Silat. Visit them at:

Pencak Silat Alazhar SBD Martial Arts


Pencak Silat Alazhar SBD Martial Arts is an affiliate – and the Canadian representative – of the renowned school of Pencak Silat Al-Azhar Seni Bela Diri Martial Arts Indonesia. Visit them at:

Silat Jutsu Academy of Martial Arts


Silat Jutsu (Silat Fighting/Self-Defense Techniques) is a hybrid martial Arts school and system which takes the best of traditional Silat based on animal movements and harmonizes it with the best of Japanese & Korean Martial Arts. Visit them at:

Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia


We are proud and honored to have the Consulate General of Indonesia as a member in our federation.


Pencak Silat Nusantara Canada

Starting this September 2019, the classes will take place at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in downtown Toronto. More details will be posted.

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Canada Pencak Silat Federation

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